Saturday, December 7, 2013

0001 - Hello and Blog Intention

Hello you all.
This is my first blog...on any subject.
I'm always up for talking about metaphysical stuff.
I would like this blog to be about me putting it out there.

If you have or are going through a personal experience that has caused you to think of something perennial, such as wtf are we here for, what I am suppose to be doing, everything has purpose so what is mine, then shoo' me the question and I'll use what I've written in Farewell God to answer your it.

You may be skeptical.  I wouldn't blame you.  For as long as people have breathed your same questions have alluded everyone.  And now this guy?  How now?  How is it that this gets to be the person who knows?  I can understand.  Words in the sequence of 'the meaning of life' feels and sounds silly to me.  That I can answer the meaning of life, that I can tell you why people do what they do, that I can tell you why you believe that you need to kill yourself, and no professional or genius currently or in the past can or as has given you these answers.

But I can.

That's what I claim I can do and hopefully this blog'll prove it so or not so.

So hit me up.  Got a question?  Then throw it at me.  I shouldn't have to be the only person who knows.

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  1. Hello, I mean no disrespect, but what makes you believe that you are so gifted to be able to possibly answer specific questions about folks you don't know personally? Unless you are utilizing certain principals (or maybe even common sense?) Are you trying to sell something? On another note, I'd like to know why people tend to stray from me? Before you answer, please note, I don't have bad breath/body odor, etc. I'm very giving, caring, sympathetic, empathetic, attractive, intelligent, etc. No this isn't a commercial, nor a boasting session. Just wanted to give you some basics. People seem to be highly attracted to me (from all walks of life, including strangers). Yet, when they are around others, they become distant with me. As a result, I alienate myself from them entirely. They usually try to "mend" things but I believe that they, "showed their hole cards." Therefore, they become history to me. As a kid, I was the leader of the pack (both my school as well as church). ALL the kids from both sides turned against me. I know that there was some manipulation on the parts of others that contributed to this. However, to this day, we are no longer "friends" or associates. I have been on social networks and when I have come into contact with some of these folks, they "again" become distant. It's almost as if they have been possessed to hate me. If I had done ANYTHING to warrant this type of treatment, I would be the first one to admit it. However, I believe that this is something far, far too distant for me to imagine. I strongly believe that there is some force "out there" that either detests me for whatever reason (a former life maybe?) or a force that wants me solely for themselves. Therefore, anyone that I choose to be close to (family/friends), we eventually end up parting ways and they become distant. Please don't misinterpret me. I'm not some sicko, paranoid idiot. I am only speaking about first-hand experiences that I've encountered most of my life. When others "try" to befriend me and I allow them to, I can't get rid of them ie. they continue to contact me, etc. and I don't get a moment's peace. It's all very confusing. If you have nothing to share, that's fine. But thanks for reading.