Saturday, December 7, 2013

0001 - Hello and Blog Intention

Hello you all.
This is my first blog...on any subject.
I'm always up for talking about metaphysical stuff.
I would like this blog to be about me putting it out there.

If you have or are going through a personal experience that has caused you to think of something perennial, such as wtf are we here for, what I am suppose to be doing, everything has purpose so what is mine, then shoo' me the question and I'll use what I've written in Farewell God to answer your it.

You may be skeptical.  I wouldn't blame you.  For as long as people have breathed your same questions have alluded everyone.  And now this guy?  How now?  How is it that this gets to be the person who knows?  I can understand.  Words in the sequence of 'the meaning of life' feels and sounds silly to me.  That I can answer the meaning of life, that I can tell you why people do what they do, that I can tell you why you believe that you need to kill yourself, and no professional or genius currently or in the past can or as has given you these answers.

But I can.

That's what I claim I can do and hopefully this blog'll prove it so or not so.

So hit me up.  Got a question?  Then throw it at me.  I shouldn't have to be the only person who knows.